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Malcolm Keay

Senior Research Fellow
The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

Malcolm Keay is Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, where he works mainly on electricity and decarbonisation.

Before joining the Institute, Malcolm had an extensive career in the energy sector, including the UK government (Director of Energy Policy), regulation (Deputy Director General of the then UK gas regulator Ofgas) and various advisory roles – for instance, as an expert reviewer on energy for the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. He was Director of a major global study on Energy and Climate Change for the World Energy Council (2006-2007).

He has also published extensively on energy issues.  Recent publications include The Dynamics of Power: Power Generation Investment in Liberalised Electricity Markets, and Europe’s Long Energy Journey: towards an Energy Union? co-authored with his OIES colleague David Buchan, and published by OUP in February 2016.