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Tamar Newberger

Diplomatic Spouse, Technologist, Computer Scientist, Activist
U.S. Department of State

Tamar Newberger, Diplomatic Spouse, Technologist, Computer Scientist, Activist, U.S. Department of State

Tamar Newberger is a computer scientist who has held executive positions and leadership roles in companies such as AT&T, Novell, SCO and most recently at Catbird, a Silicon-Valley start-up focused on cloud security. She began her career as an engineer and Member of the Technical Staff at the late, great Bell Laboratories.

Ms. Newberger is also active in promoting technology and science to young women considering careers in these fields. She has served on the board of the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, the only all-girls public school in Chicago, IL emphasizing STEM education, and continues as an active mentor to a graduate. She is on the board of a Chicago women’s foundation. Ms. Newberger was also on the technology and media advisory team for Obama for America.

She holds MS and BA degrees in Computer Science from Columbia University in New York.

Ms. Newberger is the wife of the United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic.