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Jaap Bosman

Founder and principal partner
TGO Consulting

Jaap Bosman has over 15 years’ experience in the legal sector. He has been the Global Director of Strategy & Business Development at two of Europe’s leading law firms. Jaap has extensive international experience, including in China and Africa. In 2013, his international strategic achievements were recognised by The Financial Times with the first ever Innovative Lawyers Award for International Strategy.

Prior to joining the legal profession, Jaap made a career as the Head of Advertising and Public Affairs at one of Europe’s largest family-owned retailers.

Jaap graduated with honours from Tilburg Law School. He also holds a degree as a qualified Industrial Designer. This unique combination of legal knowledge and applied creativity gives him the ability to come up with truly innovative solutions. He was the first non-US person to receive the Thomson Reuters and Hubbard One Excellence in Legal Marketing Award.

Jaap’s vision on the legal market and the future of business law firms was defined in his critically acclaimed book, Death of a Law Firm: Why many business law firms will collapse in the next five years.

Jaap is founder and principal partner at TGO Consulting, a business strategy boutique for the legal sector. TGO Consulting operates globally and specialises in working with large and mid-size business law firms.